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Would you like to follow in the footsteps of an ancestor or relative who fought across the various battlefields of the world? If the answer is yes, then an In the footsteps® Genealogy Tour is just what you need.

On an In the footsteps® Genealogy Tour you get to visit the battlefields and sites associated with your ancestor’s or relative’s battles. You get to see the places where they encamped, fought and perhaps were even captured, wounded or died.

You provide us with as much information as you have and we then research your ancestor or relative to determine with who they served, where and in what battles they fought and potentially what they were doing in those battles. The following examples are just some of the many In the footsteps® Genealogy Tours we covered over the years.

★  William George Dunlop

★  Edwin Eric MacGregor

★  Arthur Wallace Poyzer DFM

★  Charles Robson

★  James Patrick Roche MC

★  Ralph M Schwartz

★  Stuart Wooldridge

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If you are interested in an In the footsteps® Genealogy Tour click on the button which will take you to our Enquiry Form. On the form tell us who you want to follow, when and for how long, and then together we will design a tour that enables you to retrace their steps, stand in the places they stood, see where they fought and pay your respects at the memorials and CWGC Cemeteries associated with their battles.

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Page last updated: 5th January 2020