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In The Footsteps offer a research service and this is charged at a flat rate of £100 per day. The problem with research of course is we do not know what we will find and that often depends upon what information is supplied. Therefore, we cannot say before we start how many days will be required to fully research a soldier or what you will get the end of it. We, therefore, suggest a day-at-a-time approach. At the end of each day you receive a digital report of what we found and then you decide whether or not to continue the research. That way you have control over what you spend and the choice is yours.

Tour Discount

Where we carry out research, we offer a discount on a later tour following in the footsteps of the person researched. This discount is £50 per day up to a maximum of 50% of the research cost. This means for example:

Virtual Genealogy Tour

To complement our research service, we offer a virtual genealogy tour option. This is where we go out onto the battlefield and film the locations pertinent to the soldier researched and then produce a virtual tour video by editing together the footage with appropriate graphics. This cost of this service is dependant upon the number of locations that we need to film and the complexity of the graphics. The cost of a package filmed at a single location with accompanying graphics is £300.

Should this require out of area travel, there will be an additional cost to cover milage.

A sample video can be found at:

Placing a Poppy Cross on a grave

To complement our research service, we offer a service where we place a cross on the grave of a soldier and take a photograph for you. The cost of this service is £25. Please note that £5 will go to the British Legion as a donation to cover the cost of the poppy cross.

This service can be combined with our research service and where this falls within a day's research will be done at no additonal cost.

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