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We recognise that a private tour led by one of our expert historian/guides is not for everyone. Some people just want to join a large coach tour while others simply want to go it alone. For the former there are numerous options, but for the latter very few and our Pocket Guides provide a cost effective option.

Our Pocket Guides are self-drive tours that are designed to provide you with all you need to get the most out of your experience and make all the difference when touring without the assistance of a historian/guide. They are presented as stand-alone apps, each of which is designed to direct you around the tour area using GPS coordinates. At each location they provide a narrative of that location, why it is important, and, where appropriate, the actions that took place and the stories of individuals who took part.

Using Our Pocket Guide Apps

All of our apps work on the same principle and begin with a landing page. This short video shows how to use our apps.

Self-Gudied Battlefield Tours

The self-guided battlefield tours currently available are:

Battle of Crecy

Battle of Crecy Tour

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Our Battle of Crécy self-guided tour is the perfect companion to guide you around the most pertinent and important battlefield locations associated with this famous clash of arms between the English and the French at the beginning of the Hundred Years War.

This tour is designed to be completed in a single day and there are eight locations that are best visited in the order listed.

For each location GPS co-ordinates, expressed in decimal degrees, are shown at the top of the page to aid navigation using a Satnav. Directions of how to get to the location and where best to stand.

A narrative that explains why that location is important to the story of The Battle of Crécy as a means of bringing the battlefield to life.

We hope that you find this app a great companion to your tour of The Battle of Crécy battlefield.

D-Day Explorer

D-Day Tour

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Our D-Day Battlefield Explorer is the perfect companion to guide you around the battlefield sites associated with the D-Day Landings that took place on the Calvados Coast of Normandy, France on 6th June 1944.

It covers the actions of D-Day, 6th June 1944 when the Allied 21st Army Group came ashore to begin the Liberation of Occupied Europe from under the yoke of Hitler's Nazi Germany.

This app guides you around the main locations pertinent to the D-Day Landings using gps coordinates. At each location their is a written narrative that tells the story of the momentous events that took place. Where pertinent soldier's stories have been included to help bring your visit to life.

There are 30 locations and they are best visited in the order listed. This D-Day tour is designed to take around two to three days to complete.

Self-Gudied Heritage Tours

The self-guided heritage tours currently available are:


Ross-on-Wye Tour

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Ross-on-Wye is known as “The Gateway to the Wye Valley” and is recognised as “The birthplace of British Tourism”.

The town sits proudly upon a sandstone cliff affording beautiful views over a horseshoe bend on the River Wye and westward to the Welsh mountains. It has been voted the UK’s best-loved market town and the Marketing Director of the National Express, Tom Stables, said of Ross-on-Wye “With its picturesque location and stunning Market House it’s hardly surprising Ross-on-Wye is regarded as one of the best towns in the UK. It’s tough to think of anything more quintessentially British than a market town and we think that’s worth celebrating.”

This app is a self-guided audio tour is designed to guide people around the lovely Herefordshire market town of Ross-on-Wye. It begins and ends at Homs Road Car Park, which is located at the northern end of the town centre.

App Support

If you experience a problem or need support with your In The Footsteps® Pocket Guide app, please email and tell us how we can help. We endeavour to get back to you within 24-hours with an answer.

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