Meet the Team

John Anderson

Originally from Alnwick in Northumberland, John grew up surrounded by the history of the town and area. During the Great War, the countryside north of the town was an army training camp and war hospital, and John loved to walk the fields where the Tyneside Scottish & Irish had been moulded into fighting battalions, soaking up the history of these brave volunteers. John is proud to be a Freeman of Alnwick.

John, a retired training and development consultant, is now a full time battlefield tour guide, author and researcher. He is an associate member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides and takes great pride in ensuring that his tours are accurately and thoroughly researched. John is also guide official #9 in the Somme Battlefields' Partners.

John's interest in history developed over the years and together with his wife Kathleen, he visited and researched the WW2 battlefields of France and Holland where their fathers had served. Further research into the Tyneside battalions and the Durham Light Infantry took them to the Somme and from there to all of the major European battlefields of the Great War. Their research into Kathleen's hometown during WW1 has developed into the "Seaham & the Great War Anthology Project".

John's book "Trapped Behind Enemy Lines", co-authored with Victor Piuk, is available from Pen & Sword.

Page last updated: 7th January 2020