Operation Market Garden Tour
Follow in the footsteps of heroes on an In The Footsteps® tour of Operation Market Garden.

Operation Market Garden

Follow in the footsteps of the British XXX Corps fighting their way along Hell's Highway as they try to reach the bridge over the River Rhine at Arnhem. Visit the places where the three Airborne Divisions of the First Allied Airborne Airborne landed to secure the bridges along the route. Discuss the battles of the American Airborne at Eindhoven, Son en Breugel, Best, Grave, Overasselt, Groesbeek and Nijmegen. Walk the battlefields around Arnhem following the route taken by the British 1st Airborne Division.

Join one of our Expert guides on a tour of the Operation MARKET GARDEN battlefields, follow the battle and see how it developed.

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On Sunday, 17 September 1944 the Allies launched Operation Market Garden, a daring attempt to seize a crossing over the River Rhine, when the three Airborne Divisions of the First Allied Airborne Army dropped into Holland along the route that was to be taken by the British XX Corps. The Airborne element of the operation was codenamed MARKET and the ground forces part codenamed GARDEN.

The US 101st 'Screaming Eagles' Division dropped towards the southern end of XXX Corps' route intent on seizing the bridge across the Wilhelmina Canal at Son en Breugel, the bridge across the Zuid-Willemswaart Canal at Vehgel and the city of Einhoven. The US 82nd 'All American' Division dropped towards the centre of XXX Corps' route to secure the bridges over the River Maas at Grave and River Waal and city at Nijmagen. The British 1st Airborne Division had the job of seizing the crossing over the River Rhine at Arnhem.

At 14.15 hrs the 300 guns supporting the advance of Lieutenant General Sir Brian Horrocks' XXX Corps opened fire and the tanks of the Irish Guards, the spearhead of the Corps, rolled forward. Seven squadrons of RAF Hawker Typhoons flew overhead and fired their rockets at all the known German positions along the road to Valkenswaard. The leading tanks of the Irish Guards Group broke out of XXX Corps' bridgehead on the Meuse-Escaut canal and crossed into the Netherlands around 15:00 hrs. Shortly after crossing the border they were ambushed by German infantry and anti-tank guns that were dug in on both sides of the main road.

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