Iain McHenry

Iain McHenry

Born in Belfast in 1971, the son of a soldier, Iain grew up in Germany, England and Northern Ireland.

After leaving school in 1988 Iain followed in his father's footsteps and joined the army as a Junior Apprentice into the Royal Signals. Transferring to the Royal Military Police in 1990 Iain has served in many different theatres of operations such as Germany, UK, Northern Ireland, Nepal, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sardinia, Norway, Egypt, Falkland Islands, Sierra Leone, Canada and Belgium.

Iain has always had a passionate interest of Military History and has endeavoured to travel to many historical locations on his travels with the army, often leading groups of soldiers on Military History orientated tours. These have included El Alamein, Mount Tumbledown, Mount Longdon, Goose Green, Lake Doiran, Jajce, Ypres, The Somme and many more.


Last updated: 12th December 2018