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The Archive of In The Footsteps Research

In The Footsteps carries out a vast amount of varied and wide ranging research into the history behind our tours. Up to now, this research has lain dormant in our archives — but not anymore, for we have decided to make some of this research available to our website visitors through this our online HISTORY ARCHIVE. Please feel free to brows our archive, read and enjoy its contents. It is provided free for your use, all we ask is that you respect our copyright and do not use our intellectual property without our prior written agreement.

The First World War

On the Western Front

The Battle of

The Battle of
the Somme

The Battle of

Wales in the First World War

The Welsh
in the Battle
of the Somme

at Fricourt
1st July 1916

at Beaumont-Hamel
1st July 1916

9 RWF, 9 WELSH & 5 SWB
at La Boisselle
1st — 9th July 1916

38th (Welsh) Division
at Mametz Wood
6th — 12th July 1916

at Bazentin-le-Petit
14th — 21st July 1916

1 SWB, 2 & 1/6th WELSH at
Contalmaison and Pozières
14th — 27th July 1916

10 RWF
at Delville Wood
20th & 21st July 1916

10 RWF
at Maltz Horn Ridge
18th & 19th August 1916

1 SWB, 2 & 1/6th WELSH
East of Bazentin-le-Petit
20th — 27th August 1916

1 SWB, 2 & 1/6th WELSH
at High Wood
8th September 1916

1 SWB, 2 & 1/6th WELSH
at Eaucourt l'Abbaye
25th September 1916

10 RWF
at Serre
13th & 14th November 1916

Victoria Cross Heroes

Capt N G Chavasse
VC & Bar, MC

Capt S Frickleton

Capt R C Grieve

Pte J Carroll

Soldiers We Have Followed
In Memoriam — We will remember them

Lt Col A T Paterson
39 Bn AIF

Pte P Cleary
17 RWF

Pte W G Dunlop
37 Bn AIF

Capt J P Roche
47 TM Battery

S J C G Wooldridge
48 Bn AIF

War Poets

John "Will" Streets
Sheffield Pals

Wilfred Owen
2nd Manchester Regiment

The Second World War

Northwest European Theatre

The Raid on Dieppe

Operation JUBILEE
The Raid on Dieppe


Varengeville and Quiberville

BLUE Beach
at Puys

at Pourville

WHITE and RED Beaches
at Dieppe

The Battle of 's-Hertogenbosch

The Plan

Getting to the City

Getting into the City

Liberating the City

Soldiers We Have Followed
In Memoriam — We will remember them

F/Sgt A W Poyzer
83 Sqn RAF

Capt R M Schwartz
48 Armd Med Bn

Wars of the British Empire

The Anglo-Zulu War

The Battle of Isandlwana
22nd January 1879

Defence of Rorke's Drift
22nd & 23rd January 1879