Robin Burrows-Ellis

Robin Burrows-Ellis Guiding

Robin guiding in the Ardennes.

GBG Badge 78

Robin has always been passionate about history, archaeology, geography and travel. So naturally, being a battlefield guide is his ideal job. He started guiding whilst studying archaeology in the 1980s, conducting tours around various British archaeological sites of all periods. In 2009, Robin widened his guiding interests with town walks as a means of fundraising for charity. In 2012 Robin joined the Guild of Battlefield guides and he is the holder of badge number 78.

Robin thoroughly enjoys the thrill of uncovering new or forgotten places on the battlefield, especially where there is a new or interesting personal story to tell. He has actively been researching the Battle of Normandy since 1999 and has accumulated a wealth of material both published and unpublished that has now filled my home. He is currently involved in a long-term study of the 1st Battalion The Suffolk Regiment, which he hopes will lead to the publication of some new first-hand accounts of their actions.

Robin is constantly on the lookout for new material, and endeavours to make his tours as personal as possible for each individual client. Whilst this can be a challenge at times, Robin believes that an individual's personal story deserves to be told and that it is always worth the extra effort to tell 'His Story' both accurately and completely, within the overall context of the battle or campaign.

Robin leads Second World War tours in Northwest Europe and has participated in the Guild study tours of Normandy, The Battle of the Bulge and Operation Market Garden. He also has an interest in the battles of other periods including Waterloo, The Battle of Crecy and Denmark 1864.

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