Andy Moorhouse

Andy Moorhouse

Born and raised in Burnley, after several years in Lancashire Constabulary, Andy joined the Regular Army in 1979 as a Military Policeman.

During his army service he was stationed in many different theatres of operations, including UK, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Egypt, Ghana, Canada and the USA. One of his tours of duty in Germany was in Berlin during the Cold War, which included manning Checkpoint Charlie and patrolling the Berlin Wall. Having enlisted as a soldier, in 2001 he was commissioned and served at both regimental duty, and as a staff officer in both British and NATO headquarters in Germany and Bosnia.

Andy, who currently lives in Northern Germany, retired from the British Army in 2009 and has worked for the Ministry of Defence as a Civil Servant in the Military Police branch of HQ British Forces Germany (BFG).

His lifelong interest in military history culminated in the award of a Masters Degree in First World War studies in 2012.

Over the last 13 years has led battlefield tours for both military and civilian groups to numerous locations around Europe, covering Waterloo, and both the First and Second World Wars.

The former have included: the Western Front in France and Belgium (the Ypres Salient; the Somme and Arras), and the German invasion route of 1914 (Liege - Namur - Mons).

The latter have included: the US Airborne sites of Operation Market-Garden and the British Airborne at Arnhem; the Soviet assault on Berlin; the Ardennes campaign (the Battle of the Bulge); the 1945 Battles of the Rhineland, including Montgomery's crossing of the Rhine (Operations Plunder and Varsity); the American campaign in the Hürtgenwald in 1944 (Operation Queen), and the Allied bombing campaign against Nazi Germany.

He has also led historical tours to Berlin and Bavaria covering the rise of the Nazis and the Cold War.

In 2013 he was a key member of the planning team for the HQ BFG Staff Ride to Berlin, studying the reconstruction of post-war Germany (1945 - 1950). He was also the lead speaker on the re-establishment of law and order, which led to his plan to undertake a PhD in this subject beginning in 2015.

Andy's military experience gives him the ability to express the reality of life for a soldier, and also an understanding of the 'fog of war'.


Last updated: 12th December 2018