A Lark Above the Trenches

by John William Streets

Hushed is the shriek of hurtling shells: and hark!
Somewhere within that bit of soft blue sky –
Grand in his loneliness, his ecstasy,
His lyric wild and free – carols a lark.

I in the trench, he lost in heaven afar,
I dream of Love, its ecstasy he sings;
Doth lure my soul to love till like a star
It flashes into Life: O tireless wings

That beat love's message into melody –
A song that touches in this place remote
Gladness supreme in its undying note
And stirs to life the soul of memory –
'Tis strange that while you're beating into life
Men here below and plunged in sanguine strife!

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Last updated: 16th December 2018